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How to Grow your Lagerstroemia

Younger trees must be systematically mulched during the first 3 years, with about 10-15cm of depth using pine bark mulch or semi-decomposed compost.

Where and how to plant the Lagerstroemia ?

This ornamental shrub can be used in many different ways:

  • As a large cluster of trees

  • As a single tree on a lawn

  • Along a driveway as a shrub or as a stemmed tree to make up a great flowered hedge

  • The compact dwarf Lagerstroemias a perfect for cultivation in a pots

  • As flowers for cutting when the clusters are in coloured bud stage, to make a beautiful bouquet mixed with exotic foliage

This ornamental plant loves:

Heat and full sun, its flowers need strong light to fully develop

Lagerstroemias do not like:

  • Atmospheric drought

  • Salty soil (seaside)

  • Deep frosts, especially in the first years

Information aboutplanting your Lagerstroemia

  • Soil : it grows well in light and well-drained soils. It is a good idea to add manure compost when planting. It can be planted in chalky soil.

  • Exposition : Full sun and out of the wind, you can even stake it along south-facing walls.

  • Climate : Warm, sunny but never dry. High humidity is the key to success

Caring for your Lagerstroemia:

  • Watering : abundantly water in the evening after a very hot day

  • Prunning : Each year inMarch-April, trim the shoots very short, leaving 4-6 buds. Remove all sick and poorly placed twigs.

  • Fertilization : Fertilise every spring with both organic and complete fertilisers

  • Parasites : Summer Lilacs can be sensitive to odium during cool and humid weather; the leaves become white and deformed. Treat it with sulphur or a powdery mildew of rose product.

You can also experience rust attacks during the wintering period.

  • In cold regions, Lagerstroemias must be cultivated in pots and brought into frost-free locations during winter.


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