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Sales and export of ornamental shrubs Albizias Julibrissin Rubra (silk tree, Acacia Julibrissin var. mollis albizia ssp. mollis, Nemu acacia albizia Nemu, feuilleea julibrissin, Mimosa speciosa, sericandra julibrissin, mimosa tree).

Asian Tree, very decorative flowering that has been spread around the world. Obvious ornamental qualities, use for shading. rose-red flowers bright red .

Catalog of our online storeseedlings and scions Albizias Julibrissin Rubra for professionals.

We sell several varieties of Albizias for export, Albizias Julibrissin Rubra resistant to cold and extreme cold.

Many sizes and terms of delivery (seedlings, seedlings and scions Albizia julibrissin Pompadour®, seedlings, seedlings and scions Albizia julibrissin Red Tuilière®)

Culture Methods guarantees.

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Online order, distance selling, shipping in the world according to our terms and conditions. Quantity discount for quantity.

Please contact our sales department for more information.

Production of Coulié nurseries.


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